If you’re anxious, can Ambien help you sleep?

Yeah. Ambien is only initially intended for short-term use, but again. Anti-Anxiety medication may be a better option (I wouldn’t suggest benzodiazepines). It would be even better to determine and treat the symptom of your anxiety, as medicines are only “band-aids” and not cures. There are some risks and potential side effects in Ambien. It can make you sleep things and don’t remember the day before. This includes driving and other reckless behaviors, sexual acts, and eating. Heart palpitations, disorientation, nausea, and headaches are not rare side effects .

For many mental disorders sufferers, their disproportionate feelings of fear and fear begin into the evening, leading to occasional small or chronic sleeplessness. Drugs are often needed to treat depression and anxiety, and maybe some antidepressants help to treat dual syndromes. Cognitive behavioral therapy, especially long term, is shown to be very helpful for these problems. Sleep aids can be administered for some. Ambien is commonly used and helps the patient with depression to relax and calm. However, the drug has a high risk of addiction, and many patients rebound insomnia and anxiety if it is stopped.

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