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What are the green Xanax bars? Same as yellow ?

Nothing. A green Xanax is a bar of 2 mg. It is the same as having taken a 2 mg bar of white or yellow. Otherwise, you’re making a 2 mg green bar in this case. It’s no different from white or yellow. Almost everything depends honestly on you and how your body takes it.

What is the street price of green xanax in USA?

Any drug’s street value will vary. In particular, the most significant factor has found in pharmaceuticals is the geographical area in which you live. In rural areas, it is easier for people to obtain a prescription of benzodiazepine, which reduces the street value as there is more supply. In Los Angeles, a 2 mg Xanax bar can range from $7 per 2 mg pill to $13 anywhere else. However, in Orange County, the average Xanax bar is about $5.

What can you do with green Xanax?

How much you take depends on what it does to you. If you’re a user and for the first time, break it in 4ths with 0.5 mg. This should relieve your anxiety within 5 to 10 minutes.