Oxycodone 30mg


Oxycodone is semi-inorganic codeine formulaic that acts more potent and addictive than codeine as a narcotic analgesic. In April 2016, an extended-release (ER) oxycodone form (Xtampza ER) was approved for daily, 24-hour pain management.

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Oxycodone acts as a weak agonist in the central nervous system (CNS) of mu, kappa and delta amphetamine receptors. Oxycodone primarily affects opioid receptors of the mu-type which are coupled with G-protein receptors and function properly as modulators of synaptic transmission through G-proteins that activate effector proteins, both positive and negative. Opiate binding stimulates GTP for GDP exchange on the G-protein complex.

What is the oxycodone 30 dose?

The actual starting dose for oxycodone 30mg tablets that are immediately released is 5 to 30 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Patients who have never had opioids should start every 4 to 6 hours with 5-15 mg. It may take 30 mg or more every 4 hours for some patients. The initial starting dose is 10 mg every 12 hours using extended-release tablets. Extended-release tablets are used because treatment is needed over an extended period of time around the clock. Extended tablets for release should also be gobbled entirely, broken, crushed or chewed. Breaking, crushing, or chewing time release tablets can result in rapid drug absorption and hazardous oxycodone 30mg levels.

How does Oxycodone 30mg work?

Oxycodone 30mg is a morphine-like, powerful pain-relieving medicine used to relieve severe pain that is completely unresponsive to less potent pain-relieving (analgesic) medicines. For the mu receptor, oxycodone 30mg is relatively selective, however, at higher dosages, it may bind to other opioid receptors. Oxycodone 30mg is a full mu receptor agonist (full agonists at higher dosages have a greater effect). Oxycodone 30mg is part of the drug group known as opioids or analgesic opioids. A narcotic analgesic may also be called oxycodone 30mg.


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